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In-band Combiners

The in-band combiner products enable the combination of multiple continuous or in-continuous channels within the same frequency band.

Using unique patented design, Filtronic products provide very narrow guard band, low insertion loss and high isolation to minimize the total effect on the combined signals and to lessen the loss of the valuable spectrum. Filtronic offers a wide range of standard and custom in-band combiners for different frequency bands and for multiple technologies. Some examples of our current products are listed below. For more information and custom design enquiries, please contact us.

Product Name Frequency Description   Datasheet Application
PCC055 800 Dual MIMO 800/800 Continuous In-band Combiner 0.39 MB  Datasheet 0.11 MB  Application Example
PCC058 800 + 900 Dual MIMO 800/800 Continuous In-band Combiner
with EGSM port
0.41 MB  PCC058-Datasheet 0.19 MB  Application Example
PCD015 1800 Dual MIMO 1800/1800 Continuous In-band Combiner
with RX sharing
0.22 MB  0.24 MB 
PCD019-V1 1800 Dual MIMO 1800/1800 In-Band Combiner
(optimised for lower section of 1800MHz band)
0.29 MB  0.3 MB 
PCD019-V2 1800 Dual MIMO 1800/1800 In-Band Combiner
(optimised for upper section of 1800MHz band)
0.24 MB  0.3 MB 
PCC049 1800 Dual MIMO 1800/1800 In-band Combiner 0.25 MB  0.2 MB 
PCC025 2100 Dual MIMO 2100/2100 In-band Combiner 0.45 MB  0.17 MB 
North America's Products
PCD021 AWS Twin AWS Continuous In-Band Combiner 1.77 MB  0.24 MB 
PCD018 AWS A/B/F + D AWS Twin MIMO In-Band Combiner 0.66 MB  0.25 MB 
PCC032 AWS + PCS PCS/AWS/AWS Crossband/In-Band Combiner Tray Assy 0.44 MB 
PCC030-V1 PCS Twin MIMO A + E/F/C1 In-Band Combiner 0.77 MB 
PCC030-V2 PCS Twin MIMO A + C In-Band Combiner 1.25 MB 
PCC030-V3 PCS Twin MIMO D/B + G In-Band Combiner 1.25 MB 
PCC033-V1 PCS Twin MIMO C3 + CH 1100 In-Band Combiner 0.45 MB 
PCC033-V2 PCS Twin MIMO A-F + CH 1100 In-Band Combiner 0.89 MB  0.23 MB 
PCC033-V3 PCS Twin MIMO A/D/B3/B4 + C3 In-Band Combiner 1.51 MB 
PCC033-V4 PCS Twin MIMO A/D/B3 + E In-Band Combiner 1.51 MB  0.25 MB 
PCC033-V5 PCS Twin MIMO A/D/B + G In-Band Combiner 1.51 MB 
PCC039 PCS Twin A/D + E/F/C In-Band Combiner 0.68 MB