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10-Port, Canister Antennas

LAA Quasi-Omni Antenna.

This compact and lightweight, multi-band antenna, is an excellent solution for capacity constrained, urban small-cell environments. 

Our 10-port antenna utilises Filtronic's innovative ultra wide band slotted disc antenna technology, offering a 360° beam pattern and has 2x 1695-2690MHz, 2x 3550-3700MHz and 1x 5150-5925MHz channels.

This product is available to order now and available in standard grey or optional camouflage coating.

Product Name Frequency Description   Datasheet
M0MPBF01-V1-P1 4 x 1695-2690
4 x 3550-3700
2 x 5150-5925
10-Port, 360 Degree, Canister Antenna 0.92 MB  M0MPBF01-V1-P1 Datasheet 1.44 MB  M0MPBF01-V1-P1 Datasheet