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Mobile World Congress - Day 4

It's the fourth and final day of Mobile World Congress and Filtronic is still very much busy, with key meetings being held with customers and some interested walk by traffic which has resulted in some discussions on key technologies.

With Mobile World Congress attracting people from all business types it can result in some widely reaching complex discussions on the current and future markets and technology.

The stand is currently attracting people interested in the backhaul market, and we just so happen to be showing our class-leading, Orpheus backhaul E-band transceivers.
This best-in-class module is at the heart of backhaul radios offered by the world's leading OEMs. Delivering up to 10Gbps in both Tx and Rx channels at 256QAM this powerful unit truly out-muscles the competition.
Orpheus offers network operators advantages of both increased capacity and reduced operating expense, benefiting from low cost licensing regimes available throughout the world.

More details on the mmWave-transceiver modules CLICK HERE

Thoughts also go out to members of staff who were stuck overnight at airports trying to return to the UK; your valiant efforts and dedication to Mobile World Congress are always appreciated.


Article Published : 1/3/2018