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Filtronic's E-band transceiver module approaching 3Gbps data rate with 128-QAM modulation

Filtronic Broadband is an established world leading designer and manufacturer of microwave & millimetre-wave products for commercial telecom, security and defence applications.

Filtronic’s current generation, carrier grade E-band transceiver module recently completed a successful lab demonstration approaching 3Gbps with 128-QAM in a 500MHz channel - confirming the module’s class leading phase noise performance.

In 2015, we aim to demonstrate higher data rates at 256-QAM. The module is currently being supplied in volume for commercial telecoms macro-cell back-haul applications and has a defined roadmap to achieve the demanding commercial and performance pressures of the E-band market out to 2017 and beyond.

Article Published : 4/12/2014