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2014 E-band sales growth

Filtronic the leading volume supplier of mmWave transceivers, enjoyed exceptional triple digit growth in E-band transceiver sales in 2014.

The growth was particularly strong in the second half of the year following the launch of their Theseus transceiver with greater than 12k millimetre wave modules shipped in 2014.

In a market that is demanding increased performance but lower costs, Theseus gained traction by providing customers with a four fold increase in transmit power and a 30% reduction in cost compared to their previous generation product.

The true carrier grade performance of Theseus at a market beating price is a result of Filtronic’s E-band strategy to “invest in performance”. Filtronic select the optimum technology to provide the performance demanded by the market and, by investing significantly in millimetre wave technology and innovative engineering, are able to meet aggressive price targets.

Filtronic will launch two new E-band products in 2015. In the first quarter the launch of a Wideband version of Theseus will provide fresh impetus by giving radio manufacturers the potential to exceed 10Gbps. In the second half of the year the cost per mbps of point-to-point backhaul radio links will be reduced when Orpheus “The low cost carrier grade E-band transceiver” is launched. Orpheus will offer improvements in performance and reduce cost by a further 20%.


This is a forward looking statement. Actual result may be materially different.


About Filtronic

Filtronic Broadband is an established world leading designer and manufacturer of microwave & millimetre-wave products for mobile backhaul market. Supplying customised turnkey microwave solutions and providing a Contract Manufacturing Service.

The product range includes transceiver modules, multi chip transceiver packages in Surface Mount Technology (SMT), diplexers and filter products covering a wide frequency range from 4GHz to 110GHz including V-band (57GHz to 66GHz), E-band (71GHz to 76GHz & 81GHz to 86GHz) and W-band (91GHz to 95GHz).

The Contract Manufacturing Service utilises precision hybrid manufacturing facilities in the UK and China, to offer cost effective manufacture for both volume and high mix products. Filtronic has proven capability in hybrid assembly, advanced microwave test systems and military standard processes (including MMIC die attach, precision component placement, wire bonding, ribbon bonding, ball bonding, Hermetic sealing, Automated test to over 90GHz, MIL STD883).

Article Published : 12/3/2015