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Corporate and Social Responsibility

Filtronic plc takes its corporate and social responsibilities very seriously and recognises the important contributions to the business made by the wider community of stakeholders, in particular employees, clients, suppliers and the local communities.

(i) Health and safety The Board is committed to ensuring the health and safety of the group’s employees and applies high standards throughout the group in the control and management of its operations. The group analyses its practices and processes using systematic health and safety management techniques and auditing regimes. As part of the group’s continued implementation of an occupational health, safety and management system, the group has put preventative measures in place that aim to continue to reduce major injuries and lost time accidents.

(ii) Employee development Employee development has been established as one of the group’s key objectives. The group has an education and training policy in place to implement continuous improvement where beneficial to the group and employee, thus underlying the group’s commitment to ongoing employee development and training.

(iii) Employee communications The group believes in keeping employees fully informed on matters which affect them through communication procedures including staff meetings and a culture which encourages openness and interaction between all members of staff. The group operates a UK-wide staff forum for information and consultation (‘ICON forum’). The ICON forum is designed to be a gathering at which employee representatives can review group progress and raise, share and discuss specific issues and concerns that affect employees with senior management.

(iv) The environment Care for the environment is an integral part of the group’s business activities. It is the group’s policy to ensure that its facilities are safe and the group is committed to ensuring that its impact on the environment is minimised. The group supports and trains its personnel to act responsibly in matters relating to the environment. The group takes account of relevant legislation and regulations and analyses its practices, processes and products to reduce their environmental impact, and works with its customers and suppliers to achieve a high standard of product stewardship. The group’s in-house manufacturing sites have established environmental management systems and have achieved ISO 14001 certification.

Wherever possible, components and materials are reused or recycled. The reuse, utilisation and recycling of packaging is subject to monitoring. The group continues to work with its customers to implement programmes to design products for disassembly and recycling, and in particular so as to ensure compliance with the European Union directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment and the European Union initiatives in relation to the restriction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. The group has introduced focused management teams throughout its business to ensure that compliance with these requirements is achieved within the required implementation timescales. The group continues to work with major suppliers, contractors and customers to assist them in improving their environmental, health and safety performance.

(v) Supplier payment policy It is the group’s policy to abide by the terms of payment agreed with suppliers in respect of the goods and services properly invoiced to the group. At 31 May 2011 trade payables of £5.5m represented 103 days’ purchases, calculated in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Act.