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Investors Announcements 2018

2018 Announcements

Wednesday, 12th December, 2018

Trading Update

Monday, 19th November, 2018

Board Appointment

Friday, 16th November, 2018

Exercise of Options

Thursday, 15th November, 2018

Change of Adviser

Thursday, 25th October, 2018

Result of Annual General Meeting

Thursday, 25th October, 2018

Annual General Meeting Statement

Friday, 19th October, 2018

Holding(s) in Company - Legal & General

Tuesday, 2nd October, 2018

Issue of Equity

Wednesday, 26th September, 2018

Publication of Annual Report and AGM Notice

Wednesday, 26th September, 2018

Notice of Annual General Meeting - 2018

Friday, 21st September, 2018

New Contract Win

Thursday, 30th August, 2018

New Contract Win

Wednesday, 25th July, 2018

Holding(s) in Company - John Rockliff

Monday, 15th January, 2018

Holding(s) in Company - Mrs D. M. Dixon