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GaN Amplifiers

GaN technology offers significant performance advantages in the application of point-to-point microwave and backhaul transceivers.

The range of point-to-point backhaul radio links operating in the lower frequency microwave bands can be significantly increased by the addition of high-power booster amplifiers. Using GaN technology, these amplifiers offer excellent power added efficiency over more traditional class A products.

Utilising our expertise and years of experience in design and manufacturing of high-frequency products, Filtronic Broadband has developed a family of extremely compact, high-efficiency amplifier modules based on our proprietary GaN power FET technology.

Filtronic GaN amplifiers are manufactured using our in-house high-reliability chip and wire assembly processes. Our GaN power amplifiers offer very high RF power of above 50W, while providing excellent efficiency and superior linearity. Integrated coupled RF output enables pre-distortion and power detection.

Currently, these products are aimed at the traditional long-haul radio bands, 6GHz to 11GHz. However, development is planned to explore the feasibility of our GaN technology to enable cost-effective, increased power solutions at higher frequencies.

Filtronic amplifiers suit multiple applications including RF testing - where high efficiency, high output power and linearity are the key requirements.

Please contact us to enquire about the existing product range or if you would like Filtronic to quote to design and manufacture a product solution.